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Domain authentication

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If you use your own domain name to send emails, it's important to have email authentication. It's like a digital signature for your domain that helps protect your brand, identity, content, and reputation. It makes it difficult for others to pretend to send emails on your behalf and can help increase your overall email deliverability when sending from TouchBasePro.  


If you haven't authenticated your sending domain with DKIM, some email clients will flag your emails as coming from a different server. This can potentially cause them to be blocked, or lead subscribers to believe they're receiving spam. 


Setting up email authentication is a technical process and requires access to systems outside of the TouchBasePro system, like your DNS. If terms like TXT records, CNAME records, TTL settings, and public-private keys aren't familiar to you, ask someone in your IT team to help you.


How to set up domain authentication:

You can set up your own email authentication from within your TouchBasePro account.  


You can follow the below steps: 


  1. Log in to your TouchBasePro account

  2. Select the Account & Settings tab on menu bar on the left-hand side

  3. Select Domains & Tracking 

  4. Click on the button Add a domain

  5. Enter your sending domain that you would like to authenticate and select Generate DNS records

    Authenticate a new domain  We'll generate some simple records you'll need to add this domain's DNS. this only takes  a couple of minutes an we'll walk you through the entire process.  *tyour own DKIM Selector >  Enter the 'from' domain to authenticate O  Generate DNS records

  6. Click on your sending domain to get your set up instructions 

  7. Follow the instructions on the set-up page or select the Email instructions option to easily share these records with your DNS host. 


  8. Once these records have been added to your DNS you can select verify option and our system will check if your records were added correctly.  

  9. Once your domain has been authenticated it will look like this: 

    Authenticated Domains  Domain authentication  Recommended  Domain  Required for recommended content (Feeds)  DNS Records  Verified  SPF Record  e  Verfied  Add a domain  Get Script

For additional information and assistance, please contact our support team on 

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