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How to convert your SMS Database to International Format (+27)

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All numbers loaded to TouchBasePro SMS need to be in international format, which means South African Numbers need to loaded as +27 or 27. However, you may have some numbers loaded as local format (082). Luckily, we have an Excel Formula that'll sort this right out.

Firstly, your database will probably look like this:

It's important to note that your numbers are in Column B, as we'll need this information just now.

In an unused Column, paste the below formula. We've pasted it assuming Column B is your numbers, but if you have them in Column C for example, change the B to a C:


We pasted our Formula in Column C - now, at the bottom right of Cell C1 (or wherever you put the formula), click and drag the formula as far down as the last number in your database.

All your numbers should be good to go! However, we're not quite done yet. Even though you see nice, formatted numbers, Excel still thinks those rows are Formulas. Select all the numbers and paste them into the next avaliable column (be sure to align them correctly so that the right number is with the right person!) and, in the paste options, make sure you choose "values".

Do a sanity check on your data (i.e. check that B, C and D are all the same number ultimately) - it's the safe to delete the columns B and C, leaving only the final pasted (with VALUES chosen when pasting) column.

If you already have some numbers in your database as International Format, don't worry, the forumla won't break them, and it's safe to apply the formula to your entire sheet.

If you get stuck, please feel free to send your database to asking that it be converted to international format. We'll follow this same guide and have it back to you as soon as possible.

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