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TouchBasePro Email Builder

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TouchBasePro offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder that lets you easily craft beautiful email campaigns. Below is an overview of our email builder and the tools available. 


To get started with the email builder, you can choose to either work from a blank design, reuse one of your past emails or use one of our many templates.




Our email builder in action 

Once you are in the email builder, it will look like this:




Email builder tools

The email builder consists of the following tools which you can easily drag and drop into your email design. 

  • Columns: This allows you to add columns to your design in order to arrange your content
  • Headings: Add headings to your email design
  • Text: Add text blocks to your design to easily add your email copy 
  • Image: Upload PNG, JPEG or GIFS into your email design to make it more attractive 
  • Button: Drive clicks and engagement in your emails by including buttons
  • Divider: Break your content up with a divider
  • HTML: Add an HTML block to your campaign to add your own custom HTML in your design
  • Menu: Quickly add a navigation menu to your campaign with our menu tool 
  • Social: Add social media icons into your campaign to direct readers to your social media pages
  • Header: Use the header tool to include a web version link to your mailer 
  • Spacer: Add verticle space within your design 
  • Advert: Insert ads directly from your Google Ads Manager account into your email design 
  • Feeds: Insert RSS feeds directly into your email design 
  • Footer: Add the footer tool into your design to include your company details and your unsubscribe link. Please note that all campaigns need to include an unsubscribe link.



Columns form the base of your email design. You can adjust your column depending on the various content you'd like to input and the design you would like to achieve. 

You will need to drag other tools such as image and text blocks into your columns. 






If you'd like further assistance regarding our email builder, please get in touch with our support team on 


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